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Information and Ticket Type Qualification

Ticket Information

Each Show Day has different exciting highlights! To experience the diversity of all demonstrations and 'hands on' workshops, listen to our great inspirational guest speakers, do take advantage of our discounted 2 day tickets.

A 1 Day ticket can be used on Saturday or Sunday.

To combat speculators bulk buying and selling our tickets, under no circumstances are tickets transferable and refunds cannot be offered against the discounted prices.
We have 2 different ticket types, the requirements to qualify for each ticket are listed below;

Industry Ticket 1-2 days:For Makeup Artists, Fx Artist, Sculptors, Tutors, Hair Dressers, Wig Makers / Dressers, Mold Makers, Stylists, Students in full time education, part time Students and anyone connected to the Professions i.e MUA Agents, Buyers, Manufacturers, Retailers, Photographers, etc.

Regular Ticket 1-2 days: The General Public with no connection to the above. Please allow 10 mins for your confirmation email to arrive after you have completed the purchase and check your spam box for your ticket before requesting a duplicate.

All tickets purchased online will be emailed following payment verification. Each ticket will have a unique ID number and bar code, please print this off and bring it with you to be scanned for entry to the show. If you purchase a Professional/Student/Industry e-ticket you will need to provide some form of evidence i.e Business Card, Pro Card, Imdb Sheet, Student Card, Bectu or Nashma membership with your ticket at the show registration desk. This can be in the form of a business card, student card, call sheet etc. If this evidence cannot be produced then we reserve the right to charge the difference between the Student/Pro/Industry e-ticket and the regular ticket price.
Children under 14 are free to attend but must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

For reasons of common sense & health and safety, no child should ever be left unaccompanied. In any circumstance where a child is found to be on their own or attempting to damage exhibits in any way, we reserve the right to immediately remove the family and permanently bar them from all future events.

For terms and conditions click here

For group bookings of 10 or more please call 01772 668900 - or email christine@umae.co.uk all accounts must be settled in the month of purchase to receive the on line price displayed.

Any attendee or non exhibiting company found to be leaflet dropping, canvassing or advertising goods / services without prior written permission of the UMA management will be invoiced at our minimum booth size rate for that show, to the business responsible for information found on the literature / business card, ask to leave the premises and barred from all future events.