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Jackie Sweeney (Makeup & Hair Supervisor, Designer)
Jackie Sweeney

After graduating from London College of Fashion in 1994, Jackie went on to work across TV, Theatre and Film before becoming a Co-Founder of Wigs Up North in 2004. With her business partners, she helped the business grow, win awards and launch their own UKMUA brand of products. In 2015, she decided to return full time to filming and began working extensively as a daily on films, television and live broadcasts.

She has worked as a Make-up and Hair Supervisor on main teams or in crowd rooms on shows such as All Creatures Great and Small, Peaky Blinders, Les Miserables (BBC) and Catherine The Great (SKY Atlantic). Through the years she has also continued her passion for working in the theatre as a wig supervisor for various companies. In 2022 she stepped up to Make-up and Hair Designer on All Creatures Great and Small and is pleased to be talking about the show alongside her team at this years UMAe.

Presented by: UMAe

Role : Speaker
Location :Education
Sunday: 15:30
Miss Kate Monroe (Award-Winning Face and Body Painter)
Miss Kate Monroe

Always having a passion for the arts alongside an intrigue for creating her own world of fantasy and escapism, Kate has only recently delved into the world of face and body art and has never felt more true to herself.

From a young age, her favourite thing was always to draw; setting herself projects and creating books filled with pages upon pages of drawings. This grew to experimenting with graphics, design and photography as she encompassed one of her other great passions of the music industry. The biggest thing that fascinated her was creating a complete final package that could be easily marketable, a skill that would aid in future endeavours.

Presented by: Skindex

Role : Demonstrator
Location : Show Floor Skindex
Time :Sunday

Website: Miss Kate Monroe

Kate has won multiple awards, amongst which Novice Face Painter at Paintopia 2014, the Postal Body Painting Competition at the UK Face and Bodypaint Convention, the Warpaint Magazine competition at Pro Beauty North, and reaching the top 10 at the NYX UK Face Awards 2017.

Kate took her first steps into teaching in 2016, leading beginners face paint workshops at Alton Towers for both their Enchanted Village and their Scarefest season, and being an 'Instructor' for the first time at the UK Face & Body Art Convention with Body Art Demo's.

The near future sees Kate experimenting more with different mediums and looking to further herself in the realms of her fine art and selling her work, as well as working hard to delve deeper into the face and body painting world and build upon her successes.

Franky Lehmeier (Lecturer)
Franky Lehmeier

Franky has been teaching at the University of the Arts London for over 15 years, as a Specialist Teaching & Learning Technician, at Degree Level and also at South Thames College. Despite Franky’s deep interest for Prosthetics, she also has a passion for teaching, and throughout her time at UAL she has done a “Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching” as well as an “MA in Teaching and learning in Art, Design, and Communication for teaching in Higher Education.” During her time in Education, Franky has been awarded 2 Teaching awards, by her students.

UAL Teaching Awards 2016 – Student Comment:

“Whenever a problem needs solving Franky will always be there to help you, if she doesn't know how to solve the problem then she will find a way. She is always there to provide support to her students and is very calming, especially in third year when you need it most. Not only is she a good technician but she is also a friend, she provides advice to anyone who needs it and is very reliable at all times. She is often thinking about student's projects and how they can improve them even after college hours.”

Franky’s specialism lays in the prosthetics side of the course, which include special effects make-up, character make-up, mould making in plaster, silicone, resin and fibre glass as well as life casting and making foam latex and silicon prosthetics appliances, to name a few.

In her daily role, responsibilities as a Specialist Teaching and Learning technician include the management of the studios, the creation of a safe working environment for students and colleagues and the collaboration with course leaders for the delivery of the curriculum. Other vital parts of her role include supporting visiting lectures, finding the best optimal way of delivering technical process as well as supporting a vast variety of diverse learners. Her strong management skills aid in the day to day running of the performance block within Frank’s role as a technician.

Or as Franky would describe her role as a Technician “ Teaching the good, the bad and the ugly and everything in between”.

Presented by: UMAe

Role : Speaker
Location :Education
Monday: 15:30
Hows your head wigs

Hows Your Head Wigs was established by myself in 2019, I originally owned the brand Give Face Cosmetics. Hows Your head wigs was born from that brand (originally Give Head Wigs) as there was a real need for quality synthetic fibre and wigs in the UK market.

I designed the fibre using a blend of synthetic fibres and I employed National Hair Federation Hair Dresser of the year winner Andi Needham to work with me on creating a specular range of multidimensional shades. We now have 70 core shades with over 30 limited edition ombre effects.

We designed our own original HD lace which takes properties of swiss and French lace to create a new lace that works well under all types of lighting. With a variety of cap structures, lace and hard front, we offer a good range of wigs to suit all budgets and projects.

With wefts and bulk hair, the customer has full creativity to customise our base wigs.

Presented by: Hows your head wigs

Role : Educator
Location : Show floor & Education
Time : Monday10:30pm
Graham Cann

Graham is multi published fashion and beauty photographer born in South London and now based in Leigh-on-sea, where he runs and owns TheGlassFactory.Studio

He has been working professionally since 1981 and regularly shooting for UMAE since 2017. Graham is best known for his avant-garde style and is known for his unique portrayal of the amazing prosthetics and body art seen at these shows

Growing up in a creative household in Wandsworth, with an artist and seamstress mother and a father interested in photography, it's no surprise that he caught the photography bug at a young age. Purchasing his first camera from a catalogue at 14, Graham honed his skills by capturing images of friends, local bands, and stylish clothing store employees.

Following part time work for a local studio, his talent caught the attention of Jeanie Savage, who further recommended him to Robert Gothard of Preview magazine in the early ‘80’s. Graham quickly made a name for himself, traveling the world and assisting on high-profile fashion campaigns and further developing his unique style. The eventual demise of Preview magazine didn't slow down Graham, as he continued to take on his own commissions, and eventually opened The Glass Factory Studio in Leigh-on-Sea.

Even through the economic challenges in the 1990s, Graham's creativity flourished as he turned to set building for film, theatre and television, along with small advertising and portrait shoots. Over the years, he has created numerous themed collections, receiving recognition in numerous fashion and beauty magazines, including Vogue and Grazia.

Graham's passion for photography extends beyond just capturing images, as he embraces both digital and analogue techniques. He shares his love of film and darkroom processing with others through workshops and master printing classes. To him, staying motivated as an artist requires a constant flow of inspiration, which he finds through regular exposure to art, performance, and galleries.

Presented by: Graham Cann Photography

Role : Educator
Location : Show floor & Education
Time : Sunday12:30pm
Celia Small – Film Trainee Finder Lead, ScreenSkills
Celia Small

I am the key point of contact for feature film productions when they are looking to take on trainees and I work closely with them to ensure their trainee requirements are met.

I am also the main point of contact for the film trainees that are accepted on to the year-long film Trainee Finder Programme and it’s my responsibility to provide pastoral care and ongoing support during their time on the programme. Trainee Finder is a programme that matches talented individuals with feature films, high-end TV dramas, children's TV and animation productions.

Throughout the year, trainees have the opportunity to apply for placements in their chosen department on UK productions which pay into the ScreenSkills' skills funds. In addition to placements, they are trained in health and safety, finance for freelancers, carbon literacy, branding and networking. They go to industry masterclasses to improve employability and have the opportunity to apply for exclusive production placements.

Presented by: Makeup United Artist

Role : Educator
Location : Makeup United Artist stand
Time : Sunday

Website: ScreenSkills
Venice Marshall (Makeup Artist)
Venice Marshall

I was luckily enough born into the world of art and creativity through ambitious artistic parents. I have always been known for being the one to create out of the ordinary makeup looks on friends and family and soon knew this was my calling card.

I have since become a fully qualified hair and make-up artist and am actively working in the trade. One of my first opportunities to see how the real world of hair and make-up worked was on the set of “Alice in wonderland- through the looking glass” which grabbed me and made me hungry to be part of this world.

I also now represent The Midlands Body Paint project as part of the leadership team, as part of this I attend and help organise many meets and promotional opportunities as possible. It is great to help up and coming artists and see amazing creations.

I have attended many competitions and public events and got placings and even won a recent photo competition with one of my body art pieces. I teach part time for Lincolnshire Beauty, Therapy and make-up academy which I love as always find working with keen students rewarding. I encourage them to come to as many events as possible and get involved.

I am the owner and founder of a festival unit which goes out and about to music festivals called Transformation Station Events, we offer live body painting on models with Dj’s and also offer face and body painting and lots of glitter to the public. The tent is a wonderful magical place and all the artists and models involved are super talented and I couldn’t do without.

Although been known to be a lover of creating out of the ordinary looks I do find it highly satisfying working specific briefs whether it be period hair and make-up, special effects or simple and elegant looks. The main aim is always to work to a high standard and take on new challenges.

Presented by: GetSetGo Bags

Role : Demonstrator
Location : GetSetGo Bags stand
Time : Sunday

Website: Venice Marshall Make-Up Artist
Paul Thompson, Director of Education Makeup Designory

Paul Thompson is the Director of Education at Make-up Designory and is a professional make-up artist with 24 years of experience, and an educator with 18 years of experience. He graduated high school in California at La Quinta High School, and then attended Orange Coast College and UCLA extension classes to learn the art of make-up. In addition to his make-up education, Mr. Thompson has completed courses in curriculum design and writing with the University of Phoenix, completed all course work required for a designated subjects vocational teaching credential at UCLA, and completed all course work to achieve a full teacher’s license in the State of New York. Over the course of his career he has been licensed to teach in California, Florida and New York.

Mr. Thompson founded Creature Creations, a special make-up effects company specializing in television, commercial and theme park projects. One project resulted in the creation of the very first silicone bodysuit for Luke Perry in Robin Cook’s Invasion, an NBC mini-series. He also supervised film and television projects for the MUD/FX Group, a special make-up effects shop he co-founded. Mr. Thompson has held a number of educational specialist positions at several professional make-up schools including UCLA extension, and has lectured all over the world for major cosmetic companies such as MAC Cosmetics, Max Factor & Company, and Kryolan Cosmetics.

Currently, he is responsible for the educational quality of the Los Angeles, New York and European MUD campuses which includes overseeing curricula, educational materials, and the recruitment and training of all faculty members. In addition to managing the development of curricula for MUD’s main campuses, seminars and company training programs, he also manages MUD’s publishing endeavours. Mr. Thompson authored MUD’s character textbook Character Make-Up, published in 2005 and co-wrote the second edition, published in 2009. Over the course of his career, he has worked with many prominent actors, musicians, and entertainment personalities including Janet Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, James Earl Jones, Jackie Chan, Matthew Broderick, Christopher Reeve, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Cheech Marin, Pauly Shore, Traci Lords, John Dye, George Hamilton, Clint Howard, and Mark Kriski.

Presented by: Makeup Designory

Role : Educator
Location : Show floor & Education
Time : Monday12:30pm
Yasmin Heinz

Revered by the global pioneers in the beauty and fashion industries, Yasmin Heinz’s unique artistry is inspired by the creative spirit of London, the place she calls home. With her work gracing the pages of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Vanity Fair among many publications, Yasmin has collaborated on the international stage with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Dior and Vivienne Westwood. She has also worked with supermodels Alex Wek, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Elle McPherson.

Her latest book, in English, is the visually opulent coffee table beauty and art book Elements – The Art Of Make-Up displays Yasmin’s breath-taking work, using the human face as her canvas.

Presented by: Warpaint

Role : Educator
Location : Education
Time : TBC
Liana Frappola

Liana has worked in the makeup and beauty industry for 22 years. Credits include London Fashion Week and The National Film Awards as well as running a very successful salon in Westhoughton, Greater Manchester for 20 years. With a passion for sustainability and protecting the environment, Liana realised just much plastic is used in the beauty industry. As a result she launched Northern Lashes, a 100% biodegradable, plastic free range made from plant fibres, while also being vegan and cruelty free.

Liana trains the lash technicians of the future on accredited courses, using her eco-brand. Northern Lashes provide lashes for lash technicians, makeup artists, theatre, film and TV.

Presented by: Northern Lashes

Role : Educator
Location : Show floor & Education
Time : Sunday 2:00pm

Emma Cammack

Emma is a British freelance Body Painter and Artist currently based between the UK and Germany. She is in demand across the world for body painting assignments. Over the past two decades her accomplished body art has been admired around the world in editorial, adverts, commercials, on billboards, on television, in magazines, in calendars, as fine art, on packaging as live body art installations and many other media. Emma has worked on projects for a string of multinational companies, publications and celebrities. Emma’s work explores empowerment, self love and body positivity. She is a passionate advocate of the power of bodypaint to promote self confidence. Her work on TV shows such as Naked Beach in the UK and No Body is Perfect for German TV explore this.

Emma trained at London's Central School of Speech and Drama. Her performance background has served her well during her numerous guest appearances on shows in the US and UK including Blue Peter, The Late Lounge, This Morning, GMTV, 10 Things You Didn't Know About.., The Basement, The Big Breakfast, as a Guest Judge on Skin Wars and most recently as a Judge on GSN's new spin off from Skin Wars: Skin Wars Fresh Paint. She holds a full visa for work in the United States.

Presented by: Warpaint

Role : Educator
Location : Education
Time : Sunday 1pm br />
Will Harvey

Will Harvey founded MonsterFX in 2014 as a hobby one Halloween. After terrifying everyone with his creations, Will decided to help others achieve their scaring achievements by creating and selling his own prosthetics.

Fast forward to 2023 and the products have been used by a number of talented makeup artists across the world. Each finished product starts with an idea, which is then researched and sketched out, before being sculpted to industry standards. Each product is made to order to ensure stringent quality control standards are adhered to.

Presented by: Cantor & Nissel

Role : Educator
Location : Show floor & Education
Time : Sunday 5:30pm

Beverley Braisdell

Bev has worked in excess of 30 Years in a variety of fields within the Beauty, Nail & Make-Up industries. She is an Author of renowned book; 'The Hair & Make Up Artists Handbook' Published by (Hodder).

She is the Co-owner of the Make Up Company 'I'm Made Up', completing make up services on many events, festivals, films & celebrity clients. A lecturer in Media Make Up in an FE college and also taught at university level where she wrote the BA Honours Degree in Make Up. In addition, Bev works as an External Quality Assurer for an awarding body.

A HABIA Ambassador, Industry Advisory Board Member for City & Guilds, Feature Writer ("The Voice of FE" Scratch Magazine and Warpaint Magazine), International Trainer working in Athens & Dubai (Production & Media City). Judge for the National Nail Competition in Athens Greece and Guest Speaker at Excel & Olympia Trade Shows. Make Up Artist & Designer for Houston Jones Entertainment for short Films & music videos, TV (Britain's Got Talent) and Theatre shows to include (Sweeney Todd, Our House & Sister Act). Beverley is a passionate advocate for high standards in the industry.

Presented by: 2LoveMy

Role : Educator
Location : Education
Time : Sunday 2:30pm

Hayley Young

Hayley has always wanted to work as a make up artist. Since graduating university in 2009, Hayley has worked in film, television and theatre including well know television series and the West End).

However, Hayley also has a passion for casualty simulation, working with the military, NHS and emergency services assisting with medical training both in the UK and internationally. She will be sharing more information about her experiences in this field of work.

Hayley loves sharing her knowledge as an educator and teaches at The East Coast School of Media, Grimsby.

Presented by: United Makeup Artists expo

Role : Demonstrator
Location : Education
Time : Monday 10am

Cat Finlayson
Cat Finlayson

Discovering face paint in 2000 whilst educating in zoos, Cat won UK Professional Face Painter & placed 5th in Face at the World Body Paint Festival, then went freelance full -time.

Repeat bookings include decorating 1000s for the Hong Kong Rugby 7s, painting 100 faces daily at a woodland attraction, creating eco-glitter skin and leotard designs for international acrobats, and being promo artist, college tutor and judge for Paintopia.

A Hobbycraft Artisan, she runs workshops especially on Cricut machines for her stencils and matching paper-cuts, which she also sells. In 2021, Cat was 14th in the World Body Paint Festival, the highest placed UK entrant.

Presented by: Warpaint & United Makeup Artists expo

Role :Body Painting Judge
Location : Show Floor
Time : TBC

Victoria Robinson

Victoria Robinson, owner of Victoria Louise MUA, is a freelance MUA and educator teaching the next generation of Beauty Therapists and Make Up Artists.

An award-winning MUA, Victoria has been in the industry for 24 years, working in TV, film and theatre, as well as working with brides to create their perfect wedding make up.

Presented by: Warpaint & United Makeup Artists expo

Role : Demonstrator
Location : Warpaint Stand
Time : TBC

Samantha Helen
Samantha Helen

"Samantha Helen is a professional body painter and creative makeup artist. A keen art student who found sticking to a flat canvas challenging and restricting. Her passion for the mysterious and challenging allowed her to experiment with paint not only on paper but on the body. After transforming herself into different characters and illusions, her body art was picked up by numerous media outlets such as MTV, The Daily Mail and Metro! Samantha now begins to share this passion as a demonstrator producing masterclasses for universities, colleges and academies up and down the country.

Presented by: Essentials by samantha Helen

Role : Educator
Location : Education / Essentials by samantha Helen
Time : Sunday/Monday

She has been in the industry working with fantastic brands such as Rolls Royce, Disney, Coca-Cola, Nokia and Thomas Cook to name a few. Samantha produces her creative media makeup for all types of events and campaigns whilst working along side tv shows such as Blue Peter and Newsround."

Davy Jones (Emmy, Bafta award winning special effects make-up artist)
Davy Jones

With over 30 years experience, Davy Jones is one of the UK’s most respected prosthetics, makeup and effects artists having created multi-award winning, leading edge makeup and effects for many TV and film productions.

An Emmy, Bafta and Royal Television Society Award Winner, he has worked on blockbusters Pirates of the Caribbean, Narnia 2, Blade and Band of Brothers and more recently has been working on the latest in the Men in Black franchise and filming in both the UK and Prague for the upcoming BBC drama World On Fire.

Presented by: Davy Jones School of Makeup

Role : Speaker
Location : Education, Show floor
Time : Sunday

Website: Davy Jones School of Makeup

His recent TV work includes SkyTV’s The Five and Netflix series Safe. Now gearing up for a new forensic drama it’s been an extremely busy time of late having recently returned from Sri Lanka and the shooting of his third series on ITV’s Good Karma Hospital. Davy has also been working on HBO’s period drama Gentleman Jack.

When work committments allow Davy shares his immense experience through a range of courses which give students the rare and invaluable opportunity to learn, first hand, the techniques essential in gaining a foothold in the increasingly demanding film and TV industry.

Amanda Gaffey
Amanda Gaffey

Amanda is a freelance make-up artist and designer, based in the North West with 25 years of experience in television, film and photographic make-up. For the past 17 years she has also been an educator and mentor to students and trainees with the ambition to be successful in a competitive industry.

As well as running Make-up United Artists, an agency dedicated to providing excellence in make-up artistry and hairstyling for the screen industries, she has an academy studio in Media City, hosting masterclasses and workshops for beginners and industry pros alike.

Presented by: Make-up United Artists and United Makeup Artists expo

Role : Panel Participant
Location : TBC
Time : TBC

Emma Rutherford (Co-Founder and Editorial Director Warpaint Magazine)
Emma Rutherford

Emma Rutherford is co-founder and editorial director at industry bible Warpaint Magazine, London. Each week, Warpaint features interviews, news stories, trend editorial, events and awards from the creative world of the professional makeup artist. Warpaint champions the work of internationally-acclaimed artists, as well as bringing our readers the latest in cosmetic launches and new collections.

Presented by: Emma Rutherford

Role : Speaker
Location : Education, Competition
Time :TBA

Website: Warpaint Magazine

Covering every aspect of a make-up artist’s brief, Warpaint ventures behind the scenes of blockbuster films, TV productions, editorial shoots and major events to get the artist’s own story. Featuring body art, prosthetics, wig work and SFX as well as high fashion, catwalk, editorial and beauty, Warpaint brings to both pro artists and aspiring students the sense of community and recognition of the incredible work our leading artists achieve.

Emma has become a name in the industry. Her talent and especially her hard work are visible not only in Warpaint, but also in her other role as Co-Founder and Head of Strategy for RI Media, a multi-service consultancy specialising in beauty, cosmetics, hair, wellness, health and lifestyle.

Tanya Noor (Head of Makeup at Phantom Of The Opera, Founder GetSetGo Bags)
Tanya Noor

Tanya trained at the prestigious London College of Fashion in the early 1990’s and has been an established makeup artist for over 25 years working in the fashion, theatre and film and TV industries.

Currently Tanya is head of makeup at Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End of London.

Presented by: Get-Set-Go-Bags

Role : Educator
Location : Main Stage, Show floor, Education
Time : Both Days

Website: Tanya Noor

Tanya is a qualified academic professional makeup artist who teaches to a degree level. In conjunction with her busy career Tanya has also developed a range of set bags called Get Set Go Bags. She designed her wide range of set bags for the makeup industry which are available online and at stockists in London, Europe and the USA. www.get-set-go-bags.com

Website - get-set-go-bags.com
E-Mail - info@get-set-go-bags.com
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/getsetgobags
FB - getsetgobags
Twitter - @getsetgobags

All artist bookings are provisional and subject to cancellation at short notice due to work commitments. We must stress that if an artist cannot attend United Makeup Artists expo the organisers shall not accept this as a reason for an attendee wishing to cancel or requesting a refund. All e-tickets are purchased subject to our terms and conditions and are non refundable under any circumstance