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Veronica McAleer (Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning Makeup and Hair Designer.)
Veronica McAleer

MAKUP founder Veronica McAleer is an internationally acclaimed, Oscar nominated and Emmy award winning Makeup and Hair Designer.

Veronica trained at BBC Pebble Mill in 1984, after completing a hairdressing and beauty therapy course. She began working in the film industry in 1990, and has since worked on over 40 films and countless television programmes. She has personally designed hair and makeup for 15 feature films.

Veronica’s credits include Oscar nominations for Mrs Brown and Shakespeare in Love, an Emmy Award for The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, and a Royal Television Society Award for The Great Plague. She has also worked as Personal Hair and Make Up Artist for Paul Bettany, Jennifer Connelly and Colin Firth.

Presented by: MAKUP The Academy for Film & Media Make Up

Role : Speaker
Location : Education / NASMAH Booth
Time : TBC

During her career she has worked with many household names, including James McAvoy, Michael Caine, Geoffrey Rush, Daniel Craig, Johnny Lee Miller, Damien Lewis, Ray Winstone, Andy Serkis, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Helena Bonham Carter, Judi Dench, Miranda Richardson, Minnie Driver, Julie Walters, Maggie Smith, Emily Watson, Lindsay Duncan, Heidi Klum and many more.

Atarah Mayhew (100daysofmakeup)
Atarah Mayhew

Having studied at The University of the Arts London, Atarah Mayhew continued her creative journey into social media, being one of the first to create a huge following within the beauty community.

Creating a platform for others to share their skills and succeed, she has success grown multiple Instagram accounts such as her personal page. With @100daysofmakeup being one of the most popular & unique makeup accounts currently on Instagram, as they cater to all makeup genres from Creative Artistic Makeup, Special FX and Glam Makeup

Presented by: Vita Skills

Role : Speaker
Location :Vita Skills Booth
Time : TBC

Website: 100daysofmakeup
Ellis Atlantis (Glowup Contestant)
Ellis Atlantis

Glowup makeup artist and contestant Ellis is based in London and shares his creative make-up looks on his Instagram account.

Ellis has finished in the top 5 at the NYX Face Awards in both 2017 and 2018.

Presented by: UMAe

Role : Speaker / Demonstrator
Location :Education / NYX Booth
Time : TBC

Website: Ellis Atlantis
Tiffany Hunt (Glowup Contestant)
Tiffany Hunt

Glowup shapeshifter & makeup artist and contestant Tiffany Hunt lives in Nottingham and works at MAC cosmetics in John Lewis.

She has a huge online following, especially on her Instagram account where she credits herself as a social media influencer.

Her make-up skills are entirely self-taught, and each look created for her Instagram account takes between four and twelve hours to finish. Tiffany was in the NYX face awards top 5 2018

Presented by: UMAe

Role : Speaker / Demonstrator
Location :Education / NYX Booth
Time : TBC

Website: Tiffany Hunt
Leigh Easthope (Glowup Contestant)
Leigh Easthope

Glowup makeup artist and contestant Leigh lives in Manchester and works as a freelance make-up artist and painter.

He shares much of his work on Instagram and says that he’s always loved being creative.

Presented by: UMAe

Role : Speaker / Demonstrator
Location :Education / NYX Booth
Time : TBC

Website: Leigh Easthope
Belinda Maines (Glowup Contestant)
Belinda Maines

Glowup makeup artist and contestant Belinda who lives in Newcastle fits in her passion for make-up around motherhood and her full-time job.

She shares her creative make-up looks on her Instagram account.

Presented by: UMAe

Role : Speaker / Demonstrator
Location :Education / NYX Booth
Time : TBC

Website: Belinda Maines
Ruth Parry (Special effects make-up artist)
Ruth Parry

Commencing her career in the North West of England in 2011, Ruth undertook a two year traineeship at Liverpool based effects company MakeupSFX and later went on to complete a twelve month apprenticeship with Neill Gorton at Millennium FX in Cornwall. During this time she was also accepted onto the Dick Smith Advanced Professional Makeup Course.


Presented by: Cantor + Nissel

Role : Demonstrator
Location : Show Floor
Time : Both days

Since leaving Cornwall in 2014, she has been fortunate to work as part of the teams at Millennium FX, KMFX, BGFX, Coulier Creatures and Animated Extras and has been given the opportunity to work on productions such as ‘Life’, ‘King Arthur’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Mummy’, ‘Game of Thrones’ seasons 6-8, ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’, ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ and ‘Men In Black: International’.

Davy Jones (Emmy, Bafta award winning special effects make-up artist)
Davy Jones

With over 30 years experience, Davy Jones is one of the UK’s most respected prosthetics, makeup and effects artists having created multi-award winning, leading edge makeup and effects for many TV and film productions.

An Emmy, Bafta and Royal Television Society Award Winner, he has worked on blockbusters Pirates of the Caribbean, Narnia 2, Blade and Band of Brothers and more recently has been working on the latest in the Men in Black franchise and filming in both the UK and Prague for the upcoming BBC drama World On Fire.

Presented by: Davy Jones School of Makeup

Role : Speaker
Location : Education, Show floor
Time : Both days

Website: Davy Jones School of Makeup

His recent TV work includes SkyTV’s The Five and Netflix series Safe. Now gearing up for a new forensic drama it’s been an extremely busy time of late having recently returned from Sri Lanka and the shooting of his third series on ITV’s Good Karma Hospital. Davy has also been working on HBO’s period drama Gentleman Jack.

When work committments allow Davy shares his immense experience through a range of courses which give students the rare and invaluable opportunity to learn, first hand, the techniques essential in gaining a foothold in the increasingly demanding film and TV industry.

Samantha Helen
Samantha Helen

"Samantha Helen is a professional body painter and creative makeup artist. A keen art student who found sticking to a flat canvas challenging and restricting. Her passion for the mysterious and challenging allowed her to experiment with paint not only on paper but on the body. After transforming herself into different characters and illusions, her body art was picked up by numerous media outlets such as MTV, The Daily Mail and Metro! Samantha now begins to share this passion as a demonstrator producing masterclasses for universities, colleges and academies up and down the country.

Presented by: Red Carpet FX

Role : Educator
Location : Education / Red Carpet FX
Time : Saturday

She has been in the industry working with fantastic brands such as Rolls Royce, Disney, Coca-Cola, Nokia and Thomas Cook to name a few. Samantha produces her creative media makeup for all types of events and campaigns whilst working along side tv shows such as Blue Peter and Newsround."

Elizabeth Armistead Head of Makeup Coronation Street
Elizabeth Armistead

Starting in the business in 1979 @ the age of 22 with the BBC. Liz stayed with the corporation for 15 years working on Drama, light entertainment, daytime etc. Following her time at the BBC she left to go freelance as a designer, working on all kinds of productions from smaller shows to setting up the world renowned Shameless.

Liz is credited as working on a number of other productions as well as becoming head of Eastenders for a few years. To date, Liz is Head of Make Up for Coronation Street at ITV.

Presented by: The Makeup People

Role : Speaker
Location : Education, Show floor
Time : Saturday TBC

Website: Elizabeth Armistead

Liz Will be available on Saturday for portfolio reviews at The Makeup People Stand.

She will also be on stage in the education rooms where you can engage in a Q&A session regarding working on the set of Coronation Street and at ITV.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain an insight into one of the UK's most famous television shows.

Chris Lyons (Character Teeth and Prosthetic Facial Effects)
Chris Lyons

Meet the man behind Freddie Mercury's teeth for Bohemian Rhapsody.

Creating specialised character teeth and prosthetic facial effects for film, television, theatre and multimedia promotional productions. Fangs FX are Based in Buckinghamshire, Chris Lyons heads up a team of very talented professionals.

Check out Chris's IMDb page (Makeup Department 558 credits)

Presented by: Fangs FX

Role : Speaker
Location : Education, Show floor
Time : TBC

Website: Fangs FX

The whole Fangs team are dedicated and reliable and offer a high quality service. This is reflected in the clientèle who have come to rely on Chris and his team, from award winning personal make-up artists to special effects companies who have gone on to win BAFTA’s and Oscars. Every challenge has been met with imaginative design and skill. Of prime importance are the exclusive procedures that ensure no damage to teeth or tissue is sustained by the artiste. Fangs Fx Portfolio

Emily Simms (Education Kryolan UK)
Emily Simms

Emily Simms has over 12 years experience as a make-up artist and specialises in fantasy character, body art and air brush. Starting her career within retail, she made a name for herself though winning National and European artistry competitions, for looks containing intense detail and realism.

Presented by: Red Carpet FX

Role : Educator
Location : Education / Red Carpet FX
Time : Saturday

3 years ago Emily progressed to a role within Field Education, eventually finding herself at Kryolan Professional Make-up. Emily is now a part of the International Pro Team for Kryolan, traveling across the globe creating looks backstage at London Fashion Week, International Awards ceremonies, Advertising Campaigns and on set. /p>

Tanya Noor (Head of Makeup at Phantom Of The Opera, Founder GetSetGo Bags)
Tanya Noor

Tanya trained at the prestigious London College of Fashion in the early 1990’s and has been an established makeup artist for over 25 years working in the fashion, theatre and film and TV industries.

Currently Tanya is head of makeup at Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End of London.

Presented by: Get-Set-Go-Bags

Role : Educator
Location : Main Stage, Show floor, Education
Time : Both Days

Website: Tanya Noor

Tanya is a qualified academic professional makeup artist who teaches to a degree level. In conjunction with her busy career Tanya has also developed a range of set bags called Get Set Go Bags. She designed her wide range of set bags for the makeup industry which are available online and at stockists in London, Europe and the USA. www.get-set-go-bags.com

Website - get-set-go-bags.com
E-Mail - info@get-set-go-bags.com
Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/getsetgobags
FB - getsetgobags
Twitter - @getsetgobags
Shaune Harrison (Award Winning Makeup Artist)
Shaune Harrison

Shaune’s love of films started at an early age, and as a child he experimented with 8mm films trying to copy scenes from his favourite movies. After years of trying to recreate classic creatures, Shaune finally started in the film industry in 1988 working in the field of Special Make-up Effects.

Presented by: Shaune Harrison Academy

Role : Speaker
Location : Education, Show floor
Time : Sunday TBC

Website: Shaune Harrison Academy

About the Shaune Harrison Academy.

Passionate about his craft, Shaune is a keen advocate of passing on his many years of experience to a new generation of artists who want to perfect their skills in the art of Creature and Special Make up effects. The Academy is the pinnacle of Shaune’s many accomplishments and his dedication, devotion and infectious passion for the craft are the driving force in enduring its continued success.

Shaune has worked on some of the biggest blockbusters in the world, from the Harry Potter series, Captain America, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Sleepy Hollow, Stardust, The Mummy, Sunshine, The Fifth Element, The DaVinci Code, Game of Thrones, Dracula Untold, World War Z, & The Avengers: Age of Ultron… www.shauneharrisonacademy.com

Mona Turnbull (Award winning face and body painting artist)
Mona Turnbull

Mona Turnbull's view of life is through the prism of her artist's eye. She has a background including a BA in Business & Advertising Management but she keeps finding herself drawn back to the world of colour. She has undertaken art study with some of the best in the business and now also runs her own workshops from her studio and for various makeup schools.

Presented by: Mona Turnbull

Role : Demonstrator
Location : Show Floor
Time : TBC

Website: Mona Turnbull

Photographing her face and body painting work is a growing skill but anything that can loosely be corralled in the decorative arts is of interest. Flowers and fine art effects are popular subject choices. As an award-winning bodypainter, her work has been seen on screen, stage and huge events including the BAFTAs.

Mona's enthusiasm and sparkling personality make her a sought-after artist and regular demonstration painter at events such as UMAe London and for entities such as Kryolan UK, ScreenFace London and Makeup Atelier Paris. She is also a tutor at Iver Academy - Pinewood Studios.

Julia Townend (Makeup Artist)
Julia Townend

Julia is a London based Makeup & Body Artist with over 20 years experience of working in fashion, theatre, film & TV. She combined her freelance career with working as an educator London College of Fashion and West Thames College until 2013. Now working back fulltime as a freelance Makeup Artist on various productions; Julia works additionally as an academic consultant for a number of universities and private academies.

Presented by: JT Makeup

Role : Educator / Speaker
Location : TBC
Time :

Website: Julia Townend

In 2013 Julia, helped by her sisters, developed the JT Makeup Studio range. "It has been very organic and created with my love of fantasy, art, history and fairytale."
This product range is used regularly by makeup artists in the film, theatre and fashion industries, and received from fellow makeup artists such as Polly Osmond, Lan Nguyen- Grealis, Julia Carta, Pixi Woo and Phyllis Cohen

Brian Kinney (Makeup Artist)
Brian Kinney

Brian Kinney is a prime time Emmy-nominated makeup artist and a Journeyman in IATSE Local 706 Make-up Artists and Hairstylists Guild in Hollywood.

Presented by: Full Slap FX

Role : Speaker, Demonstrator
Location : Education, Show floor
Time : TBC

Website: Full Slap FX

Amanda Green (Makeup Artist)
Amanda Green

Amanda Green, make up artist and designer to some of the most famous faces on TV has created intensive professional makeup artist courses for anyone interested in learning the art of makeup.

Presented by: The Makeup Artist Academy

Role : Speaker / Educator
Location : Education
Time : TBC

Website: The Makeup Artist Academy

Amanda has worked in the media industry for over 25 years and some of her clients include artists such as Graham NortonJohn MalkovichAlicia SilverstoneAlesha DixonRicky GervaisBeverley KnightJohn BarrowmanJay SeanTom JonesIsabella Rossellini etc., the list goes on...

Maria Malone-Guerbaa (Professional Make-up & Face Paint Artist)
Maria Malone-Guerbaa

Maria started her career as a portrait artist in Limerick with a dream for film and TV life. She later left for London and studied in Camden Town in CBMA. After years learning from experts in their field Maria discovered face and body painting and realised that her love of portraitists and art could come alive on the faces and body's of real people and discovered she had the ability to transform people into celebrities and real life animals.

Presented by: Maria Malone-Guerbaa

Role : Competition Judge
Location : Show floor
Time : Sunday

Website: Maria Malone

Her incredible talent and artistry took her global and her work was showcased around the world, from This Morning, The One Show, Today in the USA, to Spain and Germany around the world. Today Maria provides beautifully artistic designs for film and TV and teaches her skills to transform your own face.

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