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Education for 2019


Education Seminars Saturday May 4th (Subject to change but more education will posted in the run up to the event please check back)
Presented by : Full Slap FX
Time : Saturday TBC
Place: Education Room
Class Title : Fresh Ghouls, GB Style
Artist : Brian Kinney
Summary : Today Brian will demo creating a 'fresh dead' concept, using silicone pieces. He will start his demo in the Education room, and finish the application at the Full Slap FX booth on the show floor.
Web Address : http://www.fullslap.com/
Presented by : Fangs FX and UMAe
Time : Saturday TBC
Place: Education Room
Class Title : Q & A session with Chris Lyons
Artist : Chris Lyons
Summary : In this Q&A session Character Teeth and Prosthetic Facial Effects Artist Chris Lyons will chat about his amazing career and offer up and insight into the world of FangsFX. Don't forget to bring your inquiring mind - there will be an opportunity for you to ask your own questions.
Web Address : https://www.fangsfx.com
Education Seminars Sunday May 5th (Subject to change and more education to be posted)
Presented by : Cantor & Nissel Ltd
Time : Sunday TBC
Place: Education Room
Class Title : Contact Lenses: A Sight for Sore Eyes
Artist : Garth Barnard and Teresa Cataldo
Summary : Coloured contact lenses have been used for film and TV for many years, but few know how to get the best out of them. Garth Barnard's interactive talk will cover the manufacturing, designing, ordering, use and safety of contact lenses.
This class will give an insight into the world of coloured contact lenses, the ease in which they can be designed and ordered, the effects that can be achieved and how to ensure the safe use of them.
Web Address : http://www.cantor-nissel.co.uk/